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YouTube 700,000 videos around Lego

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We will pay the crowdsourced winning designers 1% of revenue for the sold products.

Japanese LEGO fans now have the opportunity to create, and vote for, their own designs. LEGO Cuusoo, Japanese for “wish”, recently presented this exciting and enthusiastically received idea at the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

Once the number of online votes for a particular design reaches 10,000, it will be declared the winning “wish” and will then be sent into production.

Cuusoo specializes in consumer-designed products geared toward mass markets and will pay the crowdsourced winning designers 1% of revenue for the sold products. An expert panel of LEGO employees will review the winning designs and determine which ones are the best candidates based on design, production, and commercialization considerations. All of the new, crowdsourced LEGO sets will be sold in the LEGO online shop as well as in brand retail outlets.

LEGO is not new to crowdsourcing. Another successful crowdsourcing venture was their “MadeByMe” line. LEGO fans were able to order custom sets using software geared toward custom LEGO design. Casper Willer, Executive Creative Director at Naked Communications, LEGO’s consultant in new ventures, indicated that “fans have uploaded more than 700,000 videos of their creations to YouTube and have attended 180 ‘Brickworld’ LEGO events in 30 countries.”

LEGO actively seeks the ideas and thoughts of their consumers. has also quoted Willer as saying: “This brand puts consumer engagement at the heart of its business strategy. Their philosophy is ‘System in Play’ — it relies on systematic creativity.” It is unsurprising, then, that a company and product so committed to such a philosophy would embrace crowdsourcing as another avenue for their fans to exercise their creativity.